Rainy days in Lisbon, how to make the most of it!

Gloomy weather can ruin even the most optimistic of moods. But…not when you are in Lisbon! Even if it´s raining, Lisbon definitely isn´t boring! Whether you are looking for outdoor activities like walking tours around Lisbon, parties where you can dance and do not care about the weather outside, coffee shops to warm up in, or just chill out at home with friends, I hope that our advices will help you!


 1. Go for a walk in Lisbon!

“Paris is the most beautiful in the rain” someone said, I agree but did you see Lisbon squares, small streets in Alfama or incredible views from Miradouro on a rainy day? Believe me, you will fall in love in Lisbon even more (don´t forget to try chesnuts)!  And if you don´t have idea where to go exactly, you can always join Free Walking Tour in Lisbon! Just don´t forget an umbrella ;)





2. Drink coffee or…sparkling wine!

If after walking in the rain you just feel like staying in a cosy café or a bar, you can find plenty of them on every corner! Want to have a bowl of colorful cereal to cheer up your day? Try Pop cereal café! Yes, for the past few days that has been my place for a lunch! Or try the best Pastel de Nata in Manteigaria in Baixa Chiado!

Coffee...tea…sparkling wine? Try the typical Portuguese sparkling wine called Espumante! Where? In Espumantaria do Cais or Espumantaria do Petisco where you can find amazing cocktails with sparkling wine!

More places: Pensão Amor, Chapitô, Lost in,

 3. Go for a party!

Have some drinks, go to the dance floor and totally forget about the weather outside sounds nice right? In Lisbon you can party EVERY DAY! Pub crawl organized seven days per week and every day parties organized by the Erasmus Life Lisboa will brighten up your night!


4. Check out markets full of delicious food!

Discover Mercado de Campo de Ourique, the market which eight decades after opening, became one of the city’s most popular dining destinations and Time Out market (previously Mercado da Ribeira) situated
in a center of Lisbon! In 2014 it was taken over by Time Out Lisboa magazine, whose management added stalls offering food and traditional local products.

5. Chill out and watch some nice movies or read one of the travel blogs!

Hot chocolate and a movie? Sounds great! Know more about Portugal by watching one of those movies:

The Lisbon Story, inspired by deep, emotional music and a lovely city. It´s a dreamy philosophical story made in a poetic style.

The Gilded Cage is a French-Portuguese comedy,  people’s choice award for best film in
2013.  Story of a loving
, hardworking married couple whose long-held dream of returning to their homeland finally comes true – only to be secretly undermined by their overly dependent friends and neighbors.

Patio das Cantigas shows the lives of a neighborhood in the Old Lisbon, including their desires, happiness and sadness, always with a good humor.

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Find an inspiration for your next trips by reading one of the travel blogs and study Portuguese at  the same time! Travel healing is the
blog written by a Brazilian girl who decided to come to Lisbon and…she fell in love with Portugal!

Do you feel better now?:)